Aamir Liaquat

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Aamir Liaquat Naats Mp3 Download
Aamir Liaquat Naats Download

Aamir Liaquat Naat List

Here is the list of Aamir Laiquat Naats. So, play now  your favorite Naat from list of naats collection.

  1. Allah Ne Pahunchaya
  2. Bhar Do Jhloi
  3. Chooma Ha Dar Arz O Sama
  4. Dar E Mustafa
  5. Eman Ramazan 2 Final
  6. Huzoor (S.A.W.W) Jante Hai
  7. Huzoor (S.A.W.W) Jante Hai 2
  8. Lab Pe Naat -E- Nabi
  9. Maa Pyari Maa
  10. Madinay Ka Safar
  11. Madinay Ki Hasrat Keh Qurbaan Jaaon
  12. Mahboob Ki Mehful Ko Mahboob Ka Sajaatay Hain
  13. Main Ne Is Qareenay Se
  14. Main Sajda Karoon Ya Khud Ko Sanbhaloon
  15. Main To Panjtan
  16. Mangatoon Ko Sultan Banaya Meray Kamli Walay Ne
  17. Maula Ya Salli Wassalim Daiman Abaadan
  18. Meetha Meetha Hai Meray Muhammad(PBUH) Ka Naam
  19. Mehman Ramzan
  20. Meray Kamli Walay Ki Shaan Nirali Hai
  21. Meray Lab Per Hazoor (SAW) Ki Batein
  22. Muje Ko Bas Aap KI Aik Nazar
  23. Mujh Ko Taiba Main Bula Lo
  24. Mun Nachat Hai
  25. Nazeer -O- Kafi
  26. Pakistan Ramazan
  27. Pechaan Ramazan
  28. Pyara Pyara Hai Madeena Sohna Sohna Hai Madina
  29. Qaseeda Burda Shareef
  30. Ramazan Assalam
  31. Roze Se Sada Aa Rahi Hai Maang Arey Maang
  32. Rukh Din Hai Ya Bhi Nahi Woh Bhi Nahi
  33. Sar E La Makaan Say Talab Hui
  34. Sarkar Madinay Main
  35. Subh E Milad Un Nabi
  36. Tanam Farsooda Jaan
  37. Un(PBUH) Ko Dil Mian Basa Lia Hum Ne
  38. Wassallah Ala Noorim
  39. Ya Khuda Iltija Hai
  40. Ya Muhammad Noor E Mujasim
  41. Ya Nabi (SAW) Nuskha E Taskheer Ko
  42. Ya Rab Hai Bus Yehi Dua Ab Ke Baras Bhi
  43. Ya Rasool Allah(SAW)
  44. Ya Taiba

Aamir Liaquat

Aamir Liaquat stands among the most listened-to naat khawans of the time. He has a very charming and multi-dimensional personality. He has worked in a religious ministry in the national assembly (The Lower House) of Pakistan. His TV program “Aalam Online ” got fame in a very wide spectrum. He was aired as a host in a number of other live shows including Ramzan iftaar shows. He joined the ruling party of the country in 2017 and got successful in the election17.

He has always been under critic’s eye in a number of issues ranging from his personal to professional life. Despite all the controversies he has been through it is worth mentioning that he always defended his case in the best way. He had been successful with his beautiful hamds, naats, and duas. His followers like him and his soothing voice thus back pushing all the defaming theories about him. Here we have compiled a list of all his naats which are liked by everyone. So must listen to these naats and hit like if you too like it.

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