Siddiq Ismail

Siddiq Ismail is a known naat and hand khawan . He needs no introduction at all. He was born in a small town of Karachi. His parents priorily moved from India to Pakistan after the separation. Siddiq Ismail became physically disabled at an early age due to polio. He started naat khawani while he was just 6 years old. He later joined Radio Pakistan in the program bachun ki dunya. He kept radio and television as her channel for naat recitation. His accent, pitch, and soulfulness make him a favorite among the people. Siddiq has been presenting naats and hand in many national-level events. He has been awarded prestigious awards from the Government of Pakistan. He received "pride of performance" award, and "sitarae imtiaz.". He has contributed a lot to the love of Mohammad SAW in the form of praising this great personality. His talent will be loved and remembered forever.

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