Syed Zabeeb Masood

Syed Zabeeb Masood is a beautiful naat khawan known for his unique style and tone. He belongs to a Syed family. His father is Syed Masood Ahmed Shah. Masood Shah Sahib says “his child was involved in Ishq E Nabi SAW since a very tender age”. Zabeeb's Passion for naat khawani and Love for the Prophet SAW was reflecting in his sublime personality and his day to day dealings. Zabeeb Masood is from the city of Wah Catt. He completed his early education in his native city. Later he learned naat khawani from the very famous Manzoor ul Konain sahib. Zabeeb is the most hardworking and dedicated student of manzoor sahib. Syed Zabeeb Masood is a classic naat khawan. He has performed in a number of mahafil in and out of the country. He has also gone to the city of Madinah. Syed zabeeb has won a number of awards for his beautiful voice which stays in the audience's heart for so long time. has put a little effort to make it possible for all the followers of Syed Zabeeb to listen and appreciate his mesmerizing voice.

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