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Ali Shanawar Nohay List

Here is the list of Ali Shanawar All Nohay which you can play online or download at 320kbps for free.

  1. Ghazi Tere Baad
  2. Sab Yaad Hai Maula
  3. Rutba Ali Akbar Ka
  4. Ya Ali Ya Aeliya
  5. Ja Ali Asghar
  6. Jawan Ali Akbar
  7. Mujhpe Kyun Band Karte Ho Pani
  8. Jana Hai Karbala
  9. Abbas Na Lautey
  10. Baba Janum
  11. Alhamdulillah
  12. Aao Chalein Karbala
  13. Aa Asghar
  14. Zainab Bibi Ujar Gayi Hai
  15. Maula Maidney Walay
  16. Nara Ali Da
  17. Remember Hussain
  18. Rasool e Akram Ka Dilruba
  19. Shad Rahe Karbala
  20. Maula Zawar Bana Dey

About Ali Shanawar

Born and raised in a family with deep roots in the Shia Islamic community, Ali Shanawar discovered his love for reciting Nohas at an early age. His father, Nadeem Sarwar, himself a renowned Noha reciter, played a significant role in nurturing Ali’s talent and guiding him toward mastering the art of Noha recitation. With time, dedication, and unwavering devotion to Imam Hussain (a.s) and his companions, Ali Shanawar’s performances evolved, captivating audiences far and wide.

Ali Shanawar’s Unique Style

Ali Shanawar’s Nohas are distinguished by their heartfelt expressions, soul-stirring melodies, and profound lyrics that narrate the events of Karbala with the utmost sensitivity. His renditions have a rare ability to evoke raw emotions, leaving listeners immersed in grief and introspection. Each word carries a weight of sorrow and reverence, transporting the audience to the sands of Karbala, where the tragic saga unfolded centuries ago.

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