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Lyrics of Abbas Ya Mola

الله يا مولانا

الله معنا .. تسمعنا وترانا
Allah ma’ana, tasma’ouna wa tarana
(Allah You’re with us, you hear and see us)

الله الله إنا.. نرجوك الغفران
Allah Allah inna narjoukal ghufrana
(Allah, Allah we ask You for Your forgiveness)

أصلح نوايانا .. واغفر خطايانا
Aslih nawayana, waghfir khatayana
(Purify our intentions, forgive our mistakes)

الله الله واجعل .. في الجنة مثوانا
Allah Allah waj’al fil Jannati mathwana
(Allah Allah and make Paradise our final place)

الله، ربي.. أسعدنا مولانا
Allah, Rabbee, as’idna mawlana
(Allah, my Lord, grant us happiness my Master)

بدنيانا وأخرانا
Bidonyana wa okhrana
(In our life and in the Hereafter)

الله يا مولانا .. الله الله يا الله مولانا
Allah ya Moulana, Allah Allah ya’Allah Moulana,
(Allah O our Master! Allah Allah, O Allah our Master!)

الله يا مولانا .. حالي ما يخفاك يا الواحد ربي
Allah ya Moulana, hali ma yekhfak ya al-wahid Rabbee
(Allah O our Master! My condition is not hidden from You, O The One, my Lord!)

زدنا إيمانا .. وألهمنا الإحسان
Zidna imana, wa alhimnal ihsana
(Increase us in faith, and inspire us to excellence)

الله الله ندعوك.. بلغنا منانا
Allah Allah nad’ouk ballighna mounana
(Allah Allah we ask you to grant us our wishes)

ثبِّتنا وارْعَنا .. واسقنا القرآن
Thabbitna war’ana, wasqinal Qur’ana
(Make us steadfast and protect us, and allow us to taste the sweetness of the Quran)

الله الله نرجوك.. أن تجيب دعانا
Allah Allah narjouk, an tujiba du’ana
(Allah Allah we beseech You to answer our prayers)

الله، ربي.. أسعدنا مولانا
Allah, Rabbee, as’idna mawlana
(Allah, my Lord, grant us happiness our Master)

بدنيانا وأخرانا
Bidonyana wa okhrana
(In our life and in the Hereafter)


الله الله الله.. الله يا مولانا
Allah Allah Allah, Allah ya Moulana
(Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah O our Master)

ربي صلِ على محمد نبينا
Rabbee salli ‘ala Muhammad Nabina
(My Lord send you peace upon Muhammad our Prophet)

من حلّ في طيبةْ نورا وسكينةْ
Man halla fi Taiba nooran wa sakina
(He who descended upon Taiba (Medina) as light and peace)

Lyrics: Ahmed Al-Yafie
Melody: Maher Zain & Nas El-Ghiwan
Arrangement: Emre Moğulkoç, Maher Zain
Video by: Abdulrahman El Abyad

Here on our site you can download all naats of famous naat khawans of Pakistan and other countries. People love to listen and download naat sharif in holy month of Ramadan Kareem, Rabi-ul-awal, Muharram and also in the last 10 days of Ramadan. As prophet MUHAMMAD sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam tells us that jumma is the best day among all other so send more durood sharif on me on that day. Muslims also listen naats on day of Jumma Mubarik.

This naat Abbas Ya Mola is recited by Farhan Ali Waris.

What is Naat?

Every word that is used to praise prophet MUHAMMAD (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) will be known as naat. In simple we can say that a man who talks about the habits, likeness, interests, and instructions of prophet MUHAMMAD (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) is reciting naat sharif. Then man who recites the written poetry about praise of prophet MUHAMMAD (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) is known as naat khawan in Urdu.

What is Hamd?

Hamd is the word derived from the first word of Surah Fatiha Al hamdulillah which means all praise to ALLAH. When ever some body describe the greatness and say words in praise of Allah swt, then we will say that he is reciting hamd. So the difference between Hamd nad Naat is simple, In hamd we recite verses which belongs to praise of Allah swt and in Naat we recite verses which praise prophet MUHAMMAD (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) personality.

Muslim writers wrote many naats in their era but naatkhawani is gain popularity in 20th century. Because in the previous time there were not fast communication and media services available. So the naats written by writers in that times are just written in their books. But today many naat khawans have started reciting their naats.

Who is Naat Khawan:

A man or women who recites naats will be known as Naat Khuwan or Sana Khuwan mustafa sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam.

First Naat Khawan of Islam:

Hasaan bin Saabit (RA) was the first Naat Khawan (poet) of Muslim world who started writing and reciting naats (poetries) under the supervision of last prophet hazrat MUHAMMAD (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) to defend Islam against Kuffar at that time. He got permission from the holy Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) to recite poems. He was the most loving and popular Naat Khawan (poet) of earlier days of Islam, he used to recite naat in front of the Last Messanger of Allah.
When prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) comes in Arab culture at that time poetry was a renowned hobby of those people and many popular poet was present there. When prophet MUHAMMAD (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) announces that he is the last messenger of Allah. Then he recites the verse of holy quran, famous kuffars of that time told that  its a form of poetry. Then Allah SWT revealed the verse in which its written that come with a single verse that match the quran verse. But it was the kalam of Allah so how they can do this?

The Prophet (PBUH) Liked Naat Khawani:

Accroding to Hazrat Ayesha (Razi Allah Taala Anhaa), the Prophet (PBUH) used to offer mimber (stage) to Hasaan Bin Saabat (RA) (for naat khawani).
[Tirmizi / Ahmad Bin Hanbal / Hakim]

Naat Khawani in Times of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Naat khawani was present at the time of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam). We see when prophet migrated from mecca to madina kids praise and welcomed the prophet muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) by reciting naats with use of Dhaf( a instrument).
We have seen these similar scenes at the time of entry in Mecca, when people celebrated and welcome prophet Muhammd (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) by reciting Naats loudly.

On this occasion Hazrat Abdullah Bin Rawaha (RA) were walking in front of the great victorious Islamic army and were reciting the verses of Naat loudly. Hazrat Umar (RA) came to him and asked is it good that you are reciting the verses loudly near harm حرم and that too in the presence of the prophet (PBUH). The prophet (PBUH) himself come and said: “Don’t stop him from reciting naats loudly ” because. His verses are wounding the hearts of Kuffars like arrows.
[Tirmizi / Nisai]

Rewards for Naat Khawans:

Reciting naat is the best activity because Allah love those people who love his Prophet. On a accasion prophet muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa ala wasallam) said that “you can’t be a proper momin unless you loved me more than your parents, children and all other peoples“.

Hazrat Kaab Bin Zuhair (RA) recited 200-verses long Naat and on listening the verse “Verily the prophet (PBUH) is noor, and noor is extracted from him, and he is among the sharp swords of Allah to defend Deen Islam.”, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) became so happy that he threw his black blanket (کالی کملی) towards Kahab Bin Zuhair (RA) as a reward.
[Tabrani / Bahaqi / Ibn-e-Hasham / Majma-u-Zawaid / Hakim Mustadrak]

What is Naat Khawani:

A program or function set by any muslim where any body can join to listen naats is called naat khawani. People in pakistan and other muslim countries arranged programme of naat khawani at their home.

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