Tu Kareemi Man Kamina

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TitleTu Kareemi Man Kamina
CategoriesMuazzam Ali Mirza
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Tu Kareemi Man Kamina MP3 Download By Muazzam Ali Mirza – Listen online or download Tu Kareemi Man Kamina MP3 in the superb voice of Muazzam Ali Mirza


Tu Kareemi Man Kamina Lyrics in Urdu

Tu Kareemi Man Kamina Barda Um

Laikin Az Lutf E Shuma Parwarda Um

You are the Gracious One and I am the ignoble,

Now waiting at Your door Oh my Cherisher

Zindagi Aamad Bara’ay Bandagi

Zindagi Be Bandagi Sharmindagi

With devotion life becomes beauteous,

And without, what is life but disgrace

Yaad E Oo Sarmaya E Eeman Bo’ad

Har Gada Az Yaad E Oo Sultan Bo’ad

Remembrance of Him is the foundation of faith,

Beggars transform into kings due to His Remembrance.

Sayyad O Sarwar Mohammad Noor E Jaan

Mehtar O Behtar Shafi E Mujrimaan

Liege lord, Oh Muhammad you are the light of our lives,

The mighty and the best intercessor of the wrong-doers

Choon Muhammad Pak E Shud Az Nar O Dood

Her Kaja Roo Karad Wajhullah Bood

Since Muhammad was purified of worldly things,

Whatever direction He turned is found the Face of Allah

Shahbaaz Lamakani Jaan E Oo

Rehmatal Lil Aalameen Dar Shaan E Oo

The noble soul of his is like a falcon of the highest heavens

Being ‘the mercy of the world’ is his eminence

Mehtareen O Behtareen E Ambiyaah

Juz Muhammad Naist Dar Arz O Samaa

The mightiest and the best of all Prophets is he,

Except for Muhammad in land or sky, there is none worthy

Aan Mohammad Hamid O Mahmoud Shud

Shakal E Abid,

Sorat E Ma’bood Shud

He is the praise of God, divinely praised in abundant

He is the reflection of God in the shape of a worshiping servant

Auliyah Allah O Allah Auliyah

Yani Deed E Peer Deed E Kibriyah

The friends of God are like God because God is their friend

And in this way, he who has seen his Master has seen God’s Glory

Her Ka Peer O Zaat Haqra Aik Na Deed

Nai Mureed O Nai Mureed O Nai Mureed

If one doesn’t see his spiritual Master as a reflection of God

He is not a disciple, not a disciple, not a disciple!

Maulvi Hargiz Na Shud Maula E Rum

Ta Ghulaam E Shams Tabraizi Na Shud

Mevlana could never be Mevlana Rumi

Had he not devoted himself to Shams e Tabrizi.

Tu Kareemi Man Kamina Lyrics in Persian/Farsi

تو کریمی، من کمینہ بردہ عم

لیکں از لطف شمار پروردہ عم

زندگی آمد، برائے بندگی

زندگی بے بندگی شرمندگی

یاد اے او سرمایہ ایماں بو ند

ھر جگہ، از یاد او سلطاں بوند

سید و سرور محمد(صلی اللا علیہ وسلم) نور جاں

معتر او بھتر شفیع مجرمان

چوں محمد(صلی اللا علیہ وسلم) پاک شد از نار او دود

ھر کجا روح کرد وج اوللا بود

شھباز لاماکانی جان او

رحمت لل عالعمیں در شان او

معترین او بھترین انبیاہ

جز محمد(صلی اللا علیہ وسلم) نیست در ارض و سماں

آں محمد(صلی اللا علیہ وسلم) حامر او محمود شد

شکل عابد،صورت معبود شد

اولیاہ، اللا ہ اللا اولیاہ،

یعنی دید پیر، دید کبریاہ

ھرکہ پیر او زات حق راہ یک نہ دید

نے مرید او نے مرید او نے مرید

مولوی ھر گز نہ شر مولائے روم

تا غلام شمس تبریزی نہ شد

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