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Lirik of sholawat Sholawat Jibril

صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَى مُحَمَّد صَلَّى اللهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ
Shallallahu ‘Ala Muhammad Shollallah alaihi wasallam
Sholawat atas Muhammad, sholawat atas keluarga serta keselamatan atasnya

أَنْتَ شَمْسٌ أَنْتَ بَدْرٌ
Anta syamsun anta badrun
Engkau bagai matahari, engkau bagai bulan purnama

أَنْتَ نُوْرٌ فَوْقَ نُوْرِ
Anta nurun fauqo nurin
Engkau cahaya di atas cahaya

أَنْتَ إِكْسِيْرٌ وَغَالِي
Anta iksirun wa gholi
Engkau bagaikan emas murni yang mahal harganya

أَنْتَ مِصْبَاحُ الصُّدُوْرِ
Anta mishbahush-shuduri
Engkaulah pelita hati

يَاحَبِيْبِى يَامُحَمَّدْ
Ya habibi ya Muhammad
Wahai kekasihku, wahai Muhammad

يَاعَرُوْسَ الْخَافِقَيْنِ
Ya ‘arusal-khofiqoini
Wahai pengantin tanah timur dan barat (sedunia)

يَامُؤَيَّدْ يَامُمَجَّدْ
Ya mu-ayyad ya mumajjad
Wahai Nabi yang dikuatkan (dengan wahyu)

يَاإِمَامَ الْقِبْلَتَيْنِ
Ya imamal qiblataini
Wahai Nabi yang diagungkan, wahai imam dua arah kiblat.

This Sholawat Sholawat Jibril is recited by a well known Sholawat reader Nissa Sabyan. You can Listen or download this sholawat.

About Nissa Sabyan

Khoirunnisa, was born on 23 May 1999 known as Nissa Sabyan.She is an Indonesian singer who is a member Sabyan Gambus as a vocalist. Nissa is known to public for often singing (cover) songs with Islamic nuances or prophet salawat. Her videos touched millions on YouTube from where she got fame and respect.

Nissa Sabyan
Nissa Sabyan was born in Lumajang and lived in Bandung. But when she was in 6th class of primary school she moved to Jakarta with her family. After graduating from junior high school, Nissa joined vocational high school. From there, Nissa, who was just 19 years old in 2018, aspires to continue studying in the music major. But now Nissa wants to focus on her music group first.

Sabyan Gambus
Sabyan Gambus began to be known to public because it often brings Islamic songs or prophets prayer, either by re-singing (cover) or singing new works. Sabyan Gambus consisting of several former Islamic boarding school students based in Jakarta.

Sabyan Gambus was made originally for marriages. The most popular collection of salawat songs is Nissa Sabyan, including Ya Maulana, Deen Assalam, Ya Jamalu, Law Kana Bainanal Habib, Ya Habibal Qolbi, Rahman ya Rahman, Ya Asyiqol Musthofa, Ahmad Ya Habibi, Ya Taiba, Qomarun, Assalamualaika Ya Ya Habibal Qolbi, Rahman Ya Rahman, Yes Asyiqol Musthofa, Ahmad Yes Habibi, Ya Taiba, Qomarun, Assalamualaika Ya Rasulullah, Bil Qurani Saamdi,
Robbi Kholaq, Sauqbilu Ya Khalqi
Sholawat Jibril, Solawat Nariah Latin, Tibbil Qulub, Waqtu Sahar, Ya imamarusli and others.

Nissa Sabyan is now gaining fans from all around the world. Her fans are loving his Lagu of sholawat. She is also so pretty and beautiful young girl.

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