Aag Daman Mein Lag Jayegi

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Aag Daman Mein Lag Jayegi MP3 Download
TitleAag Daman Mein Lag Jayegi
CategoriesNusrat Fateh Ali Khan
FormatAudio (MP3)

Aag Daman Mein Lag Jayegi MP3 Download By Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Listen online or download Aag Daman Mein Lag Jayegi MP3 in the superb voice of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


Aag Daaman Mein Lag Jayegi

Dil Mein Shola Machal Jayega

Mera Saagar Na Choona Kabhi,

Saathiya Haath Jal Jaay Ga

Mere Ashq Bhi Hain Is Mein,

Yeah Sharaab Ubal Na Jaay

Mera Jaam Choonay Walay,

Tera Haath Jal Na Jaay

Aik Din Woh Zaroor Aain Gay,

Dard Ka Saya Tal Jaay Ga

Is Zamanay Ki Parwa Nahi,

Yeah Zamana Badal Jaay Ga

Aa Gaya Mera Aankhon Mein Dam,

Ub Jo Jalwa Dikha Di Jiyeah

Aap Ki Baat Reh Jaay Gi,

Mera Armaan Nikal Jaay Ga

Besabab Hum Say Rootho Na Tum,

Yeah Larai Buri Cheez Hai

Yeah Ada Hai Ya Dil Ka Jalana,

Hum Manatay Hein Tum Roothtay Ho

Hum Jo Roothay To Pashtao Gay Tum,

Rooz Tum Ko Manana Paray Ga

Milna Hai Jo Ghairoon Say To Phir Saaf He Keh Do,

Yoon Rooth K Janay Ka Bahana Nahi Acha

Besabab Hum Say Rootho Na Tum,

Yeah Larai Buri Cheez Hai

Sulah Ker Lo Khuda K Liyeah,

Yeah Bura Waqt Tal Jaay Ga

Mai Kashoon Us Nazar Ki Suno,

Keh Rahi Hai Wo Shola Badan

Mein Nahi Jaam Mein Aag Hai Jo Pi Jiyeah Woh Jal Jaay Ga

Koi Aanso Nahi Aankh Mein Baat Ghar Ki Abhi Ghar Mein Hai

Tum Jo Yoon He Satatay Rahay Dard Aashiqoon Mein Dhal Jaay Ga

Duur Hein Jab Talak Tum Say Hum Kaisay Hoga Mudawa E Gham

Aik Dafa Tum Milo To Sanam Gham Khushi Mein Badal Jaay Ga

Gar Yoon Hi Ghar Mein Baithay Raha Maar Daalay Gi Tanhaiyaan

Chal Zara Mai-Kaday Mein Chalein Ay Fanaa Dil Behal Jaay Ga

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