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Qatal Alamdar Ho Gaya Noha Lyrics

Zainab (as) Ke Nazar Fizza (as) Per

Fizza (as) Ke Nazar Hussain (as) Per

Hussain (as) Ke Nazar Alam Per

Alam Gira Hussain Gir Gaye

Fizza Giri Zainab Giri

Gonjhe Maqtal Main Yay Hussain Ke Sada

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

Qatal Alamdar Hogaya

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

Shair Jesa Bhai Tha Mera

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

1) Hum Ko Yay Gham Hai Tumko Sahara Na De Saky

Aysy To Koi Bhe Na Gira Jesy Tum Giry

Ghoray Se Girtay Howy ( Haye Alamdar )

Bazo Nahi Thy Tere ( Haye Alamdar)

Kisne Sambhala Tujhe ( Haye Alamdar)

Chahra Tera Zakhmi hogaya

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

2) Socha Nahi Tha Aysy Pukaro Gay Tum Mujhe

Arman Tha Lahad Main Utaro Gay Tum Mujhe

Yaad Hai Bachpan Hamain ( Haye Alamdar)

Nazoon Se Pala Tmhain ( Haye Alamdar)

Aje Meri Gode Main ( Haye Alamdar)

Bhai Tera Dum Nikal Gaya

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

3) Doba Howa Laho Main Wo Dekhy Ge Jab Alam

Piyasi Sakina Kesy Sahay ge Tmhara Ghum

Bethi Hai is Aas Pe ( Haye Alamdar)

Pani Chacha Laingy ( Haye Alamdar)

Kesy Bataon Usay ( Haye Alamdar)

Mary Gaye Nehar Pe Chacha

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

4) Abbas Teri Behnain Tery Gham Main Royin Ge

Soti the tere Ghum Se Jo Ankhain Na Soyinge

Behnon Ko Yay Maan Tha ( Haye Alamdar)

Zinda Hai Bhai Mera ( Haye Alamdar)

Dhondain Ge Chahra Tera ( Haye Alamdar)

Mar Dega Unko Gham Tera

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

5) Tum Jantay Thy Hum Main Nahi Hai Yay Hosla

Lasha Bhe Apna Tumne Uthane Nahi Deya

Itne Ijazat To De ( Haye Alamdar)

Bazoo Utha Lon Tere ( Haye Alamdar)

Kesy Samaiton Tujhe ( Haye Alamdar)

Tu Kahn Kahn Bikhar Gaya

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

6) Uthte Howy Hussain Se Utha Nahi Gaya

Aoo Hamain Sahara Do Akbar Se Yay Kaha

Chor Ke Lasha Uthay ( Haye Alamdar)

Khaimon Ke Janib Chaly ( Haye Alamdar)

Kahtay thy Sir Peet Ke ( Haye Alamdar)

Dekh Aye Zameen e Karbala

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

7) Khaimon Main Aaky Shah Ne Zainab Se Yay Kaha

Dharas The Jis Ke Dum Se wo Abbas Mar Gaya

Sun ke Yay Aah o Fughan ( Haye Alamdar)

Kehny Lagi Bibiyan ( Haye Alamdar)

Chor Gaye Tum Kahn ( Haye Alamdar)

Kon Ab Bachaye Ga Rida

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

8) Ghazi Ke Lash Laye Hon Jesy Shah e Zaman

Aysy Alam Ko Dekh ke Lipti the Her Behan

Dekh Ke Apni Rida ( Haye Alamdar)

Behnon Ne Rokar Kaha (Haye Alamdar)

Hum Se Juda Hogaya ( Haye Alamdar)

Bain Thy Zeeshan Aur Raza

Haye Hum Ghareeb Hogaye

Qatal Alamdar Ho Gaya Mp3 Download
Qatal Alamdar Ho Gaya Noha Download

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